About Us


Welcome to Fanum Nutrition – a phoenix risen from the ashes, fueled by resilience, passion, and a burning desire to redefine the supplement industry.

In 2020, our journey took an unexpected turn when we had to bid farewell to our original venture amidst the chaos of the pandemic. But from those ashes emerged a vision – a vision that transcends setbacks and propels us to new heights.

As one of the fastest-growing companies around, our commitment to excellence echoes in every detail, especially in our labeling. We pay homage to our roots with touches like the Wild name and the unforgettable pre-workout flavors that made waves.

Midway through this year, a group of like-minded individuals gathered, fueled by a shared determination to not just rebuild but to ascend. We embarked on a rebranding journey, driven by the mission to storm the market with exotic, hard-hitting pre-workouts that match the intensity of our early successes.

Our flavor profiles are a testament to our dedication. When we say Rainbow, we mean a taste that mirrors liquid "Rainbow Candy"; Braxton's Sour Pals bring back the sensation of Sour Patch bliss, and Blue Raspberry Slushy is a nostalgic trip to the convenience store.

But Fanum Nutrition is not just about taste; it's about performance. Our supplement panels are meticulously crafted, featuring a well-balanced Performance and Pump blend that mirrors the intensity of our journey. Our Mind and Stimulant blend are engineered to ignite focus and elevate your mental game.

Join us on this journey, where each scoop is a phoenix's flight, rising from the challenges to create a new legacy. Fanum Nutrition isn't just a supplement brand; it's a declaration of resilience, an ode to flavor perfection, and an invitation to redefine your fitness journey. Welcome to the phoenix's ascent – welcome to Fanum Nutrition.